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Mudtrekker Team Adventure Program (TAP)

~ Team building in Malaysia ~

Our Team Building Programs transforms participants into powerful, cohesive TEAMS.

Your team will:
– Participate in fun and energizing activities that enhance morale, respect, and trust.
– Learn harmonious ways to handle upsets and conflict.
– Discover about themselves and/or their co-workers.
– Have fun whilst at it!
– Communicate more effectively by understanding individual learning styles and habits.
– Realize and appreciate each others differences and potential.
– Bond and trust together as a TEAM.


The key to harmonious and productive teams is coach-ability. If you and your co-workers are coach-able, two things happen:

1. Team morale and productivity soar.
2. Participants learn Success Coaching skills and pass them on at work.

The secret is long term change for the better. As team members participate, they coach. As they coach, they master their success coaching skills.

Mudtrekker Team Adventure Program (TAP) is an instant-action team building program. It is a learning metaphor for a team to develop skills of Communication, Trust, Team Spirit, Motivation and self-discovery through the art of adventure bound activities.

What Will Be Covered :
– Team Formation.
– Roles & Functions of Team Leader
– Team Effectiveness – Communication
– Building Lasting Relationships
– Mentoring capabilities of Team Leader.
– Problem Solving / Decision Making
– Cooperative Group-work.

How You Will Benefit :
At the end of the program, participants will learn to:
– Internalize leadership and communication skills.
– Adapt, innovate and manage change.
– Create an environment of a supportive work place.
– Renew and reaffirm their physical, spiritual & social dimensions of their lives.
– Appreciate the Malaysian eco-system and its natural heritage and basic jungle survival techniques.

Who Should Attend : Managers, Executives and Supervisors

Ditch car

Ditch car



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